I struggle with this page.  “About”.  What “About” me?  My physical attributes?  My psychological sides?  My biographical details?  I could list my height and weight, my basic personality traits and my life history, but would it actually tell a stranger anything about me? The real me?  Instead, I would have a visitor to this blog read a post or two and garner a little bit about who I am from the stories I tell and the comments I make.  In that way then it is more like an intriguing, ongoing relationship instead of a long first date that never goes anywhere.

If I have to say something however, I would say that I am one of those people who came out of the womb brandishing a pen and paper. From the day I learnt how to read, I have wrote. I have never sought to write in the public domain because up until now I have always been busy making my living in the corporate world. Currently however, I live in Bodrum, Turkey where my new job is full-time housewife and mother of an almost two year-old. Ironically, motherhood, probably as an aide to my sanity, has made my writing more abundant than ever. In addition to this blog I am working on my first novel which I aim to finish by the end of the summer.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and that it informs, entertains and compels you to seek the truth!


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